The purpose of an end of life doula is simple: to bring comfort and support to terminally ill patients. The goal is to help the patient feel the best that they can for as long as possible and greatly improve the quality of their life that remains. To be a grounding support system for the patient and the family during this transitional time.


Patient Advocacy

Aiding patients to organize their medical papers and prioritizing their needs by preparing questions for physician appointments, including attending at the patient’s request and taking notes


Conversation Facilitation

Connecting family members for challenging discussions and providing guidance as an informed, experienced, and compassionate third party

Emotional Support & Companionship

Providing the patient with the calming properties of meditation and music and reading books, including religious/spiritual materials, aloud to the patient


Holistic Support & Comfort Care

This includes soothing touch therapy massage, Reiki, and flower remedies (see more here) that can be relaxing and nurturing for the patient


End of Life Transition Planning

Helping to create a death plan and organize home vigils and a living funeral if desired, as well as discussing the legacy that the patient hopes to leave with family; this could be a scrapbook, a photobook memorial journal, photo albums, letters to family members, written words and thoughts of the patient

In the active stages of dying, holding vigil

I offer phone consultations or Zoom sessions for anyone throughout the United States.


I am able to offer consultations, home visits and vigils for patients and family members in or around the San Antonio area.


Please note that you do not have to have a terminal diagnosis or be actively dying in order to use my services. Often people just want to have a conversation about the concerns they have around death and dying, or they have questions about what to expect when a loved one passes. I can customize my services to meet the needs of you and your family. Please contact me to see how I best can support and serve you.